CAMPO CHIC - Projects and Interior Design
Sarah de Graaff-Hunter

Modus Operandi

Sarah de Graaff-Hunter has invaluable and practical experience of the Andaluz mentality, building techniques and local planning regulations, which can be very different to those one is used to in Northern Europe, for instance. Recommendations can therefore be knowledgeably made as to the appropriate architects, builders, materials and suppliers.

She can manage the building team and project up to the finishing stages, including the interior design, sourcing, if required, architectural salvage suppliers in Andalucia and Morocco for old doors, beams and tiles. These are increasingly difficult to find, therefore Sarah can have anything made to order, together with commissioning special finishes, such as limewashed walls and polished plaster or 'tadlakt' bathrooms, for the interior decoration.

She can advise on how to put together your existing furniture to its best advantage or can design and supply from a wide range of contacts, craftsmen and shops locally, and from Morocco, all that is needed for those special and original touches to create your perfect Mediterranean house and lifestyle.

Most importantly, close control is kept on the budget, however large or small. As well as the general co-ordination of the overall concept, Sarah has a demanding eye for detail - an essential quality for successful project completion! She has most recently been involved in projects with a rustic feel which are sympathetic to the local vernacular and style, but she can also offer a more contemporary look which can blend well with the traditional Andalucian architecture. She has a good knowledge and command of Spanish and French with an extensive building and architectural vocabulary.